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What is Raw Content?

Raw Content is non-formatted data. Ok, that's a crappy answer. Raw Content can be anything, from simple html code to php scripts, javascripts or any mix of these.

Raw Content is text/code that cannot not (generally) be interpreted by Joomla editors. Switching them off and back on is one solution, but that is far from easy. Even more, if you forget to turn off the editor before watching the page with your scripts in it, you will most probably mess up that code and will have to do this all over again. And again. And again.

Raw Content often comes in ready made code, like

  • PayPal encrypted buttons,
  • embedded video,
  • bannercode
  • weather reports
  • etc.

You don't want to change it and you certainly don't want to re-invent it if it is messed up by the Joomla editor(s).

The RawContent component for Joomla solves this problem by NOT interpreting any code, but by storing it in the database AS IS. No interpretation or changes in the code are made. This, of course is the best method to store stuff, but is also the most dangerous one. Therefore the RawContent Component can only be used by super admins, nothing below. SuperAdmins are supposed to know what they are doing on the site. RawContent cannot be submitted by frontend users. Existing RawContent can be embedded in articles submitted by frontend users, providing they know the ID for this particular RawContent.

What if a RawContent cannot be displayed correctly? Well, then probably the code you got from its provider is not usable inside Joomla and you might want to look elsewhere for similar code. If it messes up your Joomla installation (possible too) then simply unpublish it and delete the RawContent from your site using the Admin functions for this.

Take a look at the demo page to see what RawContent can do for you.

RawContent can be downloaded from here

All information on RawContent on this demo site concerns the latest version of RawContent (v1.55)